Tips For a Successful Online Interview in 2022

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Tips For a Successful Online Interview in 2022

After Covid-19, online job interviews have become more and more popular, and for those who are not used to online communication, these interviews are even harder than face-to-face interviews. Well, let me tell you that it is not the end of the world, as well as in face-to-face communication, you just must know how to properly spotlight your skills and professionalism to find a job. As a Human Resources Specialist, in this article, I will give you the tips for a successful online interview that are working in 2022.






5 tips for successful online interviews in The Netherlands

1. Don’t be tardy!

I know that time management is a top skill, but also one that is appreciated and never goes out of style. Just be there 5 minutes beforehand, preparing the setting around you and checking the internet connection. If you cannot make it to the interview, let the recruiter know in advance, never after you were supposed to have the interview.

2. Keep it professional

Am I talking about clothes? To be honest, not so much.
Obviously, a nice office casual look wouldn’t hurt, but I am referring more to your surroundings. In face-to-face interviews, the appearance is more important, but in online, the quality of the call and the environment is much more valuable.
Keep a steady movement, place your phone/laptop somewhere so you don’t have to shake it all the time. Also, search for a quiet location and good angle. Nobody likes a video call that gives the impression you are going through a hurricane.

3. Pay attention

Listen carefully to the questions and be honest and specific when you answer. As a recruiter I always ask questions such as “what types of…”and the question can end depending on your specialization, but I always receive answers like “everything. I did/know everything”. Really? Everything? C’mon, you can answer better than this. Just give examples from experience and don’t be afraid to add your preferences or the tasks you did not like. Transparency is the key.

4. Don’t be pushy or in a rush

As an agency with hospitality career opportunities, we work with many clients and have many available hospitality vacancies all the time. Have patience and wait for a match with your profile. We cannot give details beforehand as your profile needs to find a match in the system for one of our offers. So, remember, you do not apply to a company directly all the time, but more to the positions for which we can find a match.

5. Mind your language

Body language or spoken language? Guess what – BOTH! Scratching your face and moving a lot will give the impression of insecurity, while sloppy language skills will make your recruiter think you are not ready to work abroad. Practice beforehand, relax and take a deep breath.

Got it? Now you have all the necessary tips for a successful online interview!
Don’t hesitate to apply and show us why you are the best candidate.


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