Most frequent questions and answers

GP-Connect is a recruitment agency, which offers hospitality and hotel jobs abroad to European candidates. We provide accommodation, transport, and help our employees to find a good insurance and with all the documents needed during their stay.

No. The candidate is responsible for the booking and payment of the travel to the Netherlands.

In The Netherlands, everyone is responsible for arranging their own health insurance. However, GP-Connect offers health insurance for their employees, for only 29€/week, with the company ´HollandZorg´.

Yes, GP-Connect offers accommodation for all its employees. However, not always it is free, but sometimes employees need to pay a little monthly fee.
Our accommodations are always near the workplaces and sometimes they can be shared with other employees.

The first contract with GP-Connect lasts for 6 months, but there is always the possibility of an extension.

The salaries are always paid per week.

Our contracts are always full-time contracts. In this way, employees can work around 38-45 hours per week and, of course, all the extra hours will be paid.

Yes! We will make an appointment for you to get your citizenship number and we will send you all information needed beforehand.

To employ you we will need a picture of your ID or passport, home address, bank account information, BSN number (if you worked previously in the Netherlands) and your criminal record.


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