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Hospitality success is all about making employees happy. Growing together is key to making your business bloom.

Are you looking for new employees for your hotel, restaurant or holiday park?

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In GP-Connect we make sure that each applicant will be matched to the best job offer for their specific preferences, skills, and personality. In this way, we ensure our clients and candidates the best working environment for them. And, of course, everyone can make mistakes, but we accept them and make it up for you. Aren´t you comfortable with your new colleagues? We will help you with finding new ones!

“The days of Waiting for Months to Get a Hospitality Job are finally over!”

In GP-Connect, we take our recruitment process very seriously to ensure the well-being of our employees and clients as much as we can. Our hiring process involves the following steps:

The candidates can apply to any of our positions via our website, social media, email, or via our external recruiters, working in several foreign countries.
In the case this is done via an external recruiter, he/ she will have a personal interview with the candidate to check their English level and professional behavior before getting in touch with us.

After receiving an application, our internal recruiter consultants will have a video call interview with the applicant to check her/his English level, professional attitude, preferences, expectations, and experience.

To make sure the candidate will fit on the team, we often do a reference check with her/his previous employers. Making some calls we verify the candidate’s behavior and capabilities to make sure the match between employers and employees will be ideal.

After the interviews, if we consider that the candidate is qualified for our open positions, we send them an offer where they can see precisely the workplace, the start date, the accommodation, and the salary.

After making the job offer and if the candidate still wants to proceed with the application under GP-Connect, we have a second video interview, with one of the HR managers to verify one more time if there is, indeed, a perfect match between the employer and the employee.

If the candidate agrees to the offer, we provide the employer with their resume. If the employer approves it, we can move to the next step. Otherwise, we will keep looking for alternative options for both employer and candidate.

If the employer approves the application, we will proceed with the contract. For that proposal, we will ask the candidate to provide us with the documentation needed (home address, bank account, and picture of ID or Passport). After signing the contract, we expect the candidates to book their flight immediately, and, only after receiving the flight booking confirmation, we will continue with the hiring process.

Although the travel expenses are not covered by GP-Connect, we help hired employees to find the best travel connection from their home country. After arriving in The Netherlands, the employees will go directly to the workplace, where the manager of the restaurant or hotel will be waiting for them to show them their new accommodation. 

Normally, the employees will start working on the following day upon their arrival. In case that the candidate doesn’t have a BSN number, on the following week, we will schedule an appointment for them.

Throughout the entire stay of the employee in our client’s workplace, we will offer aftercare for both sides. If the ‘match’ happens not to be a the ideal one, we will make it up for you!

Do you still have questions about our recruitment process? Contact us now!

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