The hospitality  World, Imagined Differently 

We are a full-service recruitment agency, made up of a team of experienced people. Our mission is to provide the best work abroad experience to young international hospitality talents around Europe.

Values That Lead Us


High trust

We provide clear communication that leads to trust in colleagues. Most importantly we are consistent with our actions and we also secure the job for our employees in any case.



We respond in a timely manner to our consumer questions and we have a full clarity of our actions.



We feel like we are a small team with our clients providing the best support for them seven days a week. In other words, we seek the best solutions and we also mentor our employees.


Career Development

We provide swift of the workplace in case that is needed. We plan each employee's career path and future together as well as flexibility in their workplace too.

“The days of Waiting for Months to Get a Hospitality Job are finally over!”

How Did All Start? 

GP-Connect was founded in 2017 as an international hospitality agency with a mission to implement different cultures and nationalities in the Dutch hospitality sector. The company started in 2017 with sourcing chefs and waiters from several European countries and providing candidates with a full relocation package to work and live in the Netherlands. The first 2 years GP-Connect was exclusively operating in the Netherlands with a focus on hotels and holiday resorts in the beautiful Dutch touristic areas. After achieving their goals they extended the services to Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg. In 2020 GP-Connect became active in Austria and France to provide experienced staff during the ski-seasons in the Alps.  Nowadays GP-Connect has Active clients in 6 different locations and employs people from over 25 different nationalities. GP-Connect remains with a strong focus on international hospitality staff and is offering any profile that can be found in a holiday resort or a hotel. 

How Do We Work?

Matching International Hospitality Talents to
The Best Job Offer 

Careful Resume Assesment

Our recruitment consultants carefully check your resume before the interview and they pay attention throughout the interview process to verify the information.

Match Making

After the interview, we carefully value each candidate's skills, experience, and expectations and select the client that best matches these criteria.

Introducing the Parties

After all the parties have agreed, we introduce them and proceed to the contract. But don't worry! This is not the end of our job. We will follow the journey with employer and employee to get the best out of it.

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Philip Deeleman

Key Account Manager

Gijs Bruinhof

Key Account Manager

Luuk de Bruijn

Account Manager

Lubomira Panaskova

Operations Manager

Sandra Rijvers

Office Manager

Alina-Valentina Petre

HR Manager

Ashley Griffioen

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Corin Van Dijke

Office Manager/Administrator

Guillermo Pérez Higuero

Recruitment Consultant

Elena Nenkova

Recruitment Consultant

Friso Plakké

Recruitment Consultant Intern

Iulia Dragoescu

Recruitment Consultant

Stavy Kapsogeorgi

Digital Marketing

Asimina Sangou

Recruitment Consultant
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Let's Grow Together.

Hospitality success is all about making employees happy. Growing together is key to making your business bloom.