Our Mission

Provide the best work abroad experience to young international hospitality talents around Europe.

Our values

High trust I Transparency I Support I Career Development I Opportunities

How did we start?

GP-Connect was founded in 2017 as an international hospitality agency with a mission to implement different cultures and nationalities in the Dutch hospitality sector. The company started in 2017 with sourcing chefs and waiters from several European countries and providing candidates with a full relocation package to work and live in the Netherlands. The first 2 years GP-Connect was exclusively operating in the Netherlands with a focus on hotels and holiday resorts in the beautiful Dutch touristic areas. After achieving their goals they extended the services to Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, and in 2020 GP-Connect became active in Austria and France to provide experienced staff during the Ski-seasons in the Alps.  Nowadays GP-Connect has active clients in 6 different countries and employs people from over 25 different nationalities. GP-Connect remains with a strong focus on international hospitality staff and is offering any profile that can be found in a holiday resort or a hotel. 

How do we work?

Matching international hospitality talents to the best job offer.

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