Navigating Internships in the Netherlands

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Are you considering an adventure in the Netherlands, whether as a student seeking valuable experience or as an aspiring professional looking to broaden your horizons? If so, finding a “stage” as the dutchies call the internships could be your opportunity to broaden your professional horizons.  

Internships play a pivotal role in shaping your career trajectory, especially in today’s competitive job market. But how exactly do internships work in the Netherlands? Let’s find out! 

Are Internships Difficult to Find? 

The Dutch employment landscape is presenting itself with quite some opportunities.  A high number of companies are actively seeking talented individuals to be trained and join their teams. While stumbling upon an internship might not happen by chance, proactive search efforts can often result in positive outcomes. 

To find internships, the easiest way is to start searching on online platforms such as LinkedIn where most internships are added or directly via the company websites. With just a few clicks and good market research you could reach the desired “stage.”  A particularly good option could be recruitment agencies. Many employers use recruitment agencies to access a higher pool of candidates. For example, if you are interested in having an internship in hospitality, GP-Connect could connect you with the internship that fits your needs and skills the best.  

Laws and Compensation: Navigating the Internship Landscape 

Understanding the legal framework surrounding internships in the Netherlands is crucial for aspiring interns. Typically, eligibility requirements entail being an European Citizen or currently enrolled in an educational institution. However, exceptions may apply, and dialogue with prospective employers can shed light on unique circumstances.  

At GP-Connect we offer internship prospects for both students and hospitality professionals under 30 years old that want to broaden their horizons. For students, the internships most probably will take place directly at GP headquarters where magic happens. Here you can be part of different departments such as: sales, recruitment, marketing, accounting etc.  But if you are enrolled in hospitality education or are an European hospitality professional under 30 years old, GP-connect can help you land great internships opportunities in renowned hospitality businesses.  

As for compensation, internships in the Netherlands are not mandated to be paid. Though, most companies offer compensation ranging from 100-500 euros per month. This compensation is usually coupled with potential coverage of travel expenses, depending on where the company is located. 

At GP-Connect our standard payment for all internships is 500 euros. For the hospitality internships next to the 500 euros allowance, we provide free health insurance, free accommodation, free food and refund of your travels to the Netherlands after the completion of the internship. Sounds amazing right? 

Dutch Internship Culture 

Dutch working culture is renowned for its relaxed and informal atmosphere, but don’t mistake it for a laissez-faire approach. Interns are expected to deliver quality work and exhibit dedication to their roles. But fear not, usually interns receive high-quality guidance and support from supervisors and colleagues which not only ensures a conducive learning environment but asks of high-quality results from you.  

Internship durations and working hours vary, with full-time commitments being the norm. There is flexibility for students juggling internships alongside their studies, and many employers understand the importance of your studies.  

Final words 

Aspiring interns should navigate various considerations, including legal requirements, language proficiency, and application processes. Leveraging university resources, attending job fairs, and networking via platforms like LinkedIn can enhance your internship search endeavors. 

Netherlands promises a blend of professional growth and cultural immersion. So, seize the opportunity, and start the search for the perfect internship. Remember that every experience is a steppingstone toward your professional aspirations. 

If you are interested in finding internship opportunities in the office or hospitality, contact GP-Connect


Your Dutch internship awaits – best of luck! 


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