Amsterdam’s Culinary Diversity 

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Welcome to Amsterdam! Today we’ll take you on a journey through the diverse flavors of Amsterdam, from traditional Dutch classics to international fusion cuisine and hidden gems waiting to be discovered!

Traditional Dutch Delights

To truly understand Amsterdam’s culinary landscape, one must first try the authentic taste of Dutch cuisine. Dishes like haring, a pickled herring often enjoyed with onions and pickles, bitterballen, deep-fried meatballs, many other interesting snacks , big variety of pastry and sandwiches, stamppot, a delicious combination of mashed potatoes and various vegetables, and not to forget the old Amsterdam cheese and all the other varieties! These are just few of the must-try in Amsterdam. It is very common for dutch cities to have foodhalls. And Amsterdam has just as bustling indoor food market of De Foodhallen for a wide dutch and international range of culinary offerings.

De Pijp- a tasteful neighborhood

De Pijp is the place where multicultural population has enriched the city’s culinary scene, offering a melting pot of flavors from around the world! Here you can find different types of cafes and restaurants with Indonesian rijsttafel, Surinamese roti, and Turkish kebabs. Enjoy the aromatic spices of Indonesian cuisine at Restaurant Blauw or indulge in Surinamese specialties at Roopram Roti or Warung Spang Makandra. For a taste of Turkish and Moroccan flavors, visit Mediterranean-inspired restaurants like Bazar or Café El Hema.

But if you love stakes you should Head to Café Loetje for tender steaks and hearty Dutch fare.

Innovative Gastronomy

Food trucks, street food culture, and Michelin-starred restaurants all have a place in the  culinary landscape of Amsterdam. Experience the diverse offerings of food truck festivals like Rollende Keukens, where you can enjoy everything from mouthwatering burgers to gourmet vegan options. Treat yourself to innovative and artfully crafted dishes at Michelin-starred restaurants like Restaurant Ciel Bleu or Flore.

Or go for a full experience at restaurant Secret Garden. Not only that it is located in the heart of Amsterdam and they serve Japanese and  Peruvian culinary traditions but it is beautifully decorated, creating an immersive experience!

Sweet Tooth

You can’t live or visit The Netherlands without allowing yourself to try some delicious sweets.  Stroopwafels, thin waffles sandwiched with a sticky caramel filling, freshly made at Albert Cuyp Market or pick up a pack from Lanskroon. Or try fluffy poffertjes at Pancakes Amsterdam. Of course there are other places where you can try all these sweets so feel free to explore! Artisanal chocolate should also be on your must try list.  Puccini Bomboni artisanal chocolate and Van Velze’s Chocolaterie are known for such sweets. 

Local Brews and Distilleries

Brewing is Amsterdam’s love affair deeply rooted in its history, hosting famous brands like Heineken and Grolsch originating from the Netherlands. Explore local breweries like Brouwerij ‘t IJ and Brouwerij De Prael, or sample a wide range of gins at Wynand Fockink and House of Bols. Or if you are more into  cocktails go for a full experience  at cocktail bars like Tales & Spirits and Vesper.

Food Markets and Culinary Experiences

Amsterdam’s food markets like Albert Cuyp Market is the place where you can find an abundance of fresh products like cheeses, spices, meats, veggies and street food snacks. Learn to prepare traditional Dutch dishes with Dutch cooking lessons or treat yourself to a gourmet meal on a canal boat while cruising through Amsterdam’s picturesque canals.

Hidden Culinary Gems

Venture off the beaten path and discover Amsterdam’s hidden culinary gems. Explore the enchanting experience of Restaurant Babel, where diversity, culture, and flavors converge in a celebration of linguistic and culinary diversity. Wander through the cozy cafés of the Jordaan district, indulging in Dutch apple pie and soaking in the local vibe of creativity and neighborly warmth.

Amsterdam’s culinary diversity offers a delightful blend of traditional Dutch flavors, international influences, and innovative gastronomy. Whether you’re exploring street food stalls, dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, or indulging in sweet treats, each culinary experience in Amsterdam is a journey of discovery and delight. 

How would it be for you to work as a cook or chef in The Netherlands? A place where you can grow as a professional and experience the culinary diversity. 

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See you soon! 


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