How to motivate Gen Z employees in 2022 in the hospitality industry

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In the past, keeping employees in your workforce was much easier. That is because every day there are more and more career opportunities available around the globe, mostly for European employees. Companies are bigger and more abundant than ever, laws are every time more supportive towards entrepreneurs, Universities are now easier to access, and everyone can find thousands of websites online to advertise their freelance services all around the work. That is why so many Gen Zs prefer to run their own business or work independently than work for a company that doesn’t support them enough. They have plenty of opportunities available and that is why they are extra picky with their jobs. Thus, they need to be motivated if you want them to stay. In this article, we will give you 3 tips on how to motivate Gen Z employees in 2022 in the hospitality industry.

Probably you have heard so many times that Gen Zs are asking for flexible working hours and work from home. However, this gets more complicated in the hospitality industry. There, we can´t work from home and having flexible hours is also a bit tricky. But don´t worry! There are other things you can do to keep your Gen Z employees motivated in 2022! 

 1. Help them grow

Gen Zs are the youngest generation. They are still developing their careers and their futures. And for that reason, they won´t stay in a job where they don´t have the opportunity to grow or to develop new skills.  

If you want to motivate Gen Zs in the hospitality industry, you may want to create cocktail workshops or cooking courses, give them the opportunity of promotion, or organize events where they can show off their work to relevant people. This might not only motivate your Gen Z employees to stay but also might make them talk about your business with other potential employees. 

 2. Care about their mental health

Hospitality jobs can be very exhausting and stressful, and when employees are not surrounded by a supportive and easy-going environment, they will probably lose motivation. A study made by Quartz reports that caring for the mental health of employees improves the retention rate by 33% at the end of the year.

To reduce stress in hospitality, it is very important to allow employees to take 30-60 minutes of rest during shifts, provide them with a good, consistent, and healthy meal and keep the team together. This way, they will have a good vibe during the shift as well. A good tip to keep your team together is to create weekly or monthly team-building activities that they can enjoy, and that can make them know each other more and develop a more trusting and caring relationship. Moreover, this also improves the coordination of the team, and thus, their overall performance. 

3. Give them the right to speak up

Gen Zs are full of information and ideas, and they are often eager to learn more about their workplace. For that reason, they appreciate it if their employers are open to them about the company updates and ask them for their opinion when making decisions. 

Ask your Gen Z employees for new ideas for the business and brainstorm with them during a business lunch. Make them feel like insiders and they won´t leave any soon. Let them give you feedback on how you could improve your management skills to make a better workplace. This will not only keep your employees motivated, but it will also help you discover new opportunities for your business you had never have been able to see without them. 

Now you have all the tricks to keep your Gen Z employees motivated you just need to put them into practice. We hope to hear soon if they have worked for you and your business. 

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