In an extraordinary feat, GP-Connect, the leading temporary employment agency specializing in chefs and waiters, acclaimed first place in the FD Gazellen Top 100 awards for 2023. This prestigious recognition for the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands underscores GP-Connect’s outstanding achievements and its significant impact on the industry.


Exceptional Growth Metrics Showcasing GP-Connect’s Success

GP-Connect has garnered a remarkable total score of 3889 points, showcasing the company’s outstanding performance across various key metrics. With a phenomenal turnover of €9.5 million, reflecting an extraordinary 1804% growth from 2020 to 2022, GP-Connect’s success was possible thanks to a staggering permanent staff of 20, led by the dynamic duo of Philip Deeleman (29) and Gijs Bruinhof (29). They all played a pivotal role in shaping GP-Connect’s journey.

From Humble Beginnings to International Expansion

Founded in August 2018 in Breda, GP-Connect started as an agency specializing in placing chefs and waiters from European countries in Dutch hotels and holiday resorts. Over the years, the company has expanded its services across borders, reaching countries such as Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, and France during the ski season. The company’s commitment to offering complete relocation packages has set it apart and positioned it as a leader in the competitive market.the competitive market.


Innovation and Diversification: Wypoon Technologies

In response to evolving customer demands, GP-Connect diversified its offerings and established Wypoon Technologies in 2018. This subsidiary focuses on bringing IT professionals to the Netherlands and Belgium, helping them achieve their dream jobs. This aligns with GP-Connect’s commitment to meeting diverse market needs, showcasing the ability to adapt to market and diversify its services successfully.

Agile Operations in Times of Crisis

The ongoing global pandemic posed challenges for many businesses, but GP-Connect emerged stronger by leveraging automation and implementing an agile business model. This allowed the company to scale up or down swiftly, demonstrating resilience and adaptability during uncertain times.


FD Gazellen Top 100 Ranking Methodology

The FD Gazellen Top 100 ranking is determined by factors such as turnover growth, relative employee growth, and profit margin. GP-Connect’s impressive performance in these areas has earned it the coveted top position. The ranking methodology, which places double weight on turnover growth compared to staff growth and profit margin, ensures a comprehensive evaluation.

Leadership Acknowledgement and Forward Vision

In response to this achievement, Philip Deeleman and Gijs Bruinhof expressed their gratitude, stating, “This recognition is a testament to our team’s dedication and the trust our clients place in us. We are honored to be recognized as the national winner of the “FD Gazellen Top 100 ” and we are committed to continuing our journey of growth and success.”

GP-Connect extends its gratitude to clients, partners, and the entire team for their invaluable contributions to this significant accomplishment.

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